Modular Wood Buildings

Modular Wood Buildings

Uniteam is one of the main providers of wooden modular solutions in Norway.

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Modular Wood Buildings

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The first Uniteam’s activity within modular wood buildings took place in May 2010 and after only six months, new orders exceeded NOK 20 million. Today the company is one of the main providers of wooden modular solutions in Norway.

Uniteam modular wood buildings provide all types of workspaces and accommodations, from small temporary units to extended permanent buildings: residential, apartments, schools, kindergartens and student studios. Schools and kindergartens are typical examples of challenging projects that demand a higher degree of project performance than more traditional standardized modules, which gives Uniteam the opportunity to demonstrate its skills.

Uniteam modular wood buildings are designed according to EN-ISO 9001:2000, Norwegian building standards, and customer’s requirements and specification.

The company’s business is the sale and rental of modular solutions. Market is both public business and private enterprises. Uniteam also assists customers during the entire design progress to the turnkey contracts, as well as helps in the financing process.