Modular Wood Buildings

Modular Wood Buildings

Uniteam is one of the main providers of wooden modular solutions in Norway.

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Modular Wood Buildings

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Uniteam is one of the main Norwegian providers of temporary and permanent wooden schools and kindergartens, for both – public business and private enterprises. Schools and kindergartens demand a higher degree of experience and project management than more traditional standardized modules and are often very individual solutions tailored to the needs of a particular unit or institution.

Uniteam offers support and advice during the entire design and installation process. The company strives to make its solutions correspond to the complex and specific needs of children and adolescents. Our modules meet all of the necessary guidance and ensure children’s safety and comfort.

Uniteam schools and kindergartens are designed and delivered with the necessary electrical and sewage installation. In addition, the solutions can be supplemented with elements of interior design and furniture, according to customers’ needs.

Furthermore, Uniteam offers procurement and construction responsibility.