Mobile Workshop

Mobile Workshop

A mobile workshop module that can be setup and run in remote locations in order to maintain fleet of trucks, buses, personal cars, heavy machinery and military vehicles.

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Mobile Workshop

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Uniteam, together with Volvo Trucks, has developed a mobile workshop concept. Uniteam AB in Sweden has already delivered the workshop solution to Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Hyundai, Zahid Tractor and others. The main market is Scandinavia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle east. The workshop can be delivered as a 2, 3 or 4 bay solution. With the 4 bay solutions it is possible to repair 8 trucks at the same time.

Some commercial projects in developing countries are so challenging that they demand tailor-made service solutions to keep trucks, vehicles and buses in operation. Mining in very remote areas or transport-intensive projects are just a few examples that require a tailor-made service setup.

The newly developed mobile workshop system consists of different modules which includes everything from service and lubrication to inventory, office modules, customer waiting area and reception. The workshops adhere to strict customer guidelines which mean customers do not have to worry about quality levels of a service and maintenance functions.

The greatest advantages of this system are that it is easy to build and mobile. It is easy for newly established importers to move their workshop to the place where it is most needed. At the same time, this self-sufficient system is ideal for the mining, military, oil and gas industries, for example, as they are frequently based in remote areas that are difficult to access.

All containers delivered are CSC-approved.

The building is separated from the containers, therefore the workshop is highly flexible. It is possible to have 6 pc. 20ft containers inside the workshop and to put more containers on top.

The standard setup is 5 containers: 1 workshop container, 1 lubrication container, 1 office-container, 1 spare part container and one 40-footcontainer divided into 3 rooms.

One of the workshops were delivered to Renault China as a turnkey project and Uniteam China took charge of this directly. Uniteam China built a large maintenance workshop in Xinjin Coal Mine, Ningxia Province, for servicing their 100 trucks. They spent one month installing an insulated roof structure of 25×25 meters, accommodation modules, canteen modules, sanitary container, maintenance container with crane, storage containers, office container and a generator container. It works as a self-contained maintenance workshop in a remote area running in a harsh environment.