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Rapid Deployment Shelter

Uniteam has developed a unique flat packed shelter type, specially designed for minimizing transportation requirements for immediate reaction force accommodation and office alternatives.

Uniteam Rapid Deployment Shelter provides a cost effective and efficient design solution for accommodation needs of all types, while being virtually able to operate in every environment, manufactured in Norway according to high quality and demanding technical standards, the Rapid Deployment Shelter is the most innovative and adaptable, portable accommodation unit ever developed.

The basic idea of developing the RDS was to have an accommodation unit with low weight, using very little transportation space. It can be erected in less than 2 minutes, using simple crane or fork lift equipment, and is easy to be erected/dismantled without having loose parts.

The Quick Shelter is currently undergoing trial testing around the world and has been constantly developed to satisfy a diverse range of clients and their accommodation purposes such as: office accommodation, food storage/cold rooms, sports and exhibition events, dining-rooms, medical treatment and temporary mortuary facilities. The Rapid Deployment Shelter can be assembled using almost any mechanical lifting equipment. A portable jacking system is also available for use in remote or restricted access locations. All units have integrated telephone, computer networks and electrical circuits, with ceiling-mounted double power outlets and external waterproof connectors for quick connection to either mains or generated power supplies. The shelters can also be delivered with electrically heated flooring.

Seven Quick Shelters can be transported (or stored) erected as a 20ft ISO container. 14 shelters can be transported in one C-130 Hercules or on one semi-trailer.