Militär och försvar

Workshop Shelters

So far, Uniteam has provided workshop shelters for many customers and industries, including, but not limited to: the armed forces of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands as well as NATO and the United Nations.

Uniteam Steel Shelter is certified by Germanischer Lloyds. The Unit is constructed within a 20ft CSC approved steel ISO container, offering no on-site erection tasks, only levelling and connection to services.

As it is a ready-constructed steel ISO container, there are no joints to leak. The container is a solution to be used multiple times, with an in-service life of at least 20 years. This shelter configured for mobilization onto a standard logistics truck, can be handled by crane, fork lift truck or a hook lift system.

Due to its CSC approval and ISO dimensions, it can be transported by air, sea, rail or road. It can be operated either from the ground or mounted on a truck or a trailer. Due to its design, it will be ready for operation within 5 to 10 minutes after arrival on site. It has proven its functionality and robustness during field operations and exercises in the mentioned countries as well as in UN and NATO operations in The Balkans, Turkey and Africa.