Haugesund, located on the west coast of Norway, is a hub between Bergen and Stavanger, occupying the 24th place among Norwegian municipalities, in terms of population. Uniteam office in Haugesund was established in July 2013 and has already delivered several custom containers to major players within the offshore industry.

Uniteam in Haugesund is located in the Raglamyr, Haugesund’s major trading area, with large store centres and international companies. From our location, we can reach all of the most important companies in the engineering industry and the subsea market within one hour.

Our major business areas are: sales and rental, with an emphasis on offshore sales and onshore rental market. We provide standard containers, designed according to industrial and international norms and requirements, as well as special containers and solutions, according to the specific needs and expectations of our clients. Since the spring of 2014, we have been offering rental of reefer containers as well.