Uniteam satsar på tillfälliga skolmoduler i Sverige

4 april 2018

I Sverige är Uniteam mest kända för sina stålprodukter men i Norge är de en av landets största leverantörer av både trä- och stålmoduler.
De första produkterna som nu når den svenska marknaden är ett modulsystem för tillfälliga skolor och förskolor.

En order är lagd hos en av Sveriges största modulproducenter på ett antal skol- och förskolemoduler.
– Det känns som att vi har fått fram en konkurrenskraftig produkt som nu ska få testas av marknaden, säger Kristian Grimsbo som är affärsområdesansvarig på Uniteam.

Ett modulsystem för framtiden
Stommen byggs av trä och uppvärmning sker via ett vattenburet värmesystem. I verksamhetsrummen kommer även finnas komfortvärme i golven.
Även fast modulerna är klara i sin form finns en stor flexibilitet att skapa unika byggnader.

För mer information kontakta Kristian Grimsbo, +46 (0) 702 390 472, kristian.grimsbo@uniteam.com

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Visit of the IKM-Group’s shareholder

11 maj 2017

Last week Uniteam’s majority shareholder, Ståle Kyllingstad, came to visit our new headquarters in Skytta Næringspark, Nittedal.

Together with his 2500 employees, Ståle has made the IKM-Group a leading multi-supplier in the oil industry. He also owns IKM invest that in 2013 acquired the majority of shares in Uniteam. Right now Ståle holds a post of chairman in Uniteam Holding AS. He has earlier been named Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Growth Creator in Trade.

Ståle is looking forward to an exciting journey together with Uniteam!

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April, 21st Uniteam invited its clients and partners to celebrate the opening of the new headquarters in Nittedal, Norway

24 april 2017

Among the distinguished guests that attended the grand opening there were Inge Solli, Deputy Mayor of Nittedal municipality, Stein Inge Viset, logistics manager at Würth Norway, and biathlon world champion Johannes Thingnes Bø.

The guests were given a guided tour around the new office and production facilities and also had an opportunity to have a closer look at Uniteam various containers and modules. The event ended with shooting contest where the guests could compete with the world champion Johannes Thingnes Bø.

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Mercedes-Benz Workshop, Iraq

5 januari 2017

Uniteam Sweden provides containerized workshop made of high quality steel structure containers and helps to built a service center that reaches the expectations of Mercedes-Benz customers in the country. Strategically located in the south west of Baghdad the workshop is built on 4,700 square meters, with a covered area of 700 square meters.
Savanna Mercedes Benz Workshop is a full service center for all commercial vehicles in Iraq. The workshop is capable of receiving either 4 trucks or 6 tractor heads or 6 vans simultanously with the capacity to service 32 trucks per day. Spacious parking base are available for customers while the workshop is fully equipped with all standard facilities to ensure a premiere services.

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Uniteam AS continues to expand – opens department in Fredrikstad

19 juli 2016

Led by our most experienced employee, Torstein Engh, we have opened  a department office in Fredrikstad, along with depot facilities. Uniteam Fredrikstad will market the same product range as the HQ in Skedsmokorset and the departments in Molde,  Ålesund, Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger; container- and modular based solutions for the on-shore, offshore, medical and military markets.