Verkstads Containrar

Verkstads Containrar

Uniteam provides Workshop Containers for both, onshore and offshore use. Products can be delivered with equipment according to individual needs and requirements.

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Verkstads Containrar

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Uniteam workshop containers are designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with international standards. The units can be supplied in various sizes with certified slings and shackles, as well as, cabinets, pull-out shelves and other equipment, according to customer’s needs. Products perfectly meet the needs of workshops both in the onshore and offshore environment.

Offshore workshop containers are built according to DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-3 and EN 12079 and designed for repairs, maintenance and storage of equipment and tools, providing a safe and comfortable working environment for the oil & gas industry. Products are treated and painted according to the NORSOK M-501 for the use of products in highly corrosive environments.

Workshop Containers +

10ft Rigging Container2150785010000299124382591
10ft Storage Container2010799010000299124382591
10ft Workshop Container2010799010000299124382591
12ft Workshop Container320053008500365424382960
20ft Workshop Container46001040015000605824382960
20ft Storage Container46001040015000605824382960

Workshop Containers

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