Workshop Container and production buildings

Workshop concept – 2 Bay

Workshop concept 2 Bay


The 2 Bay workshop concept consists of a steel hall with space for two truck docks and four 20 feet containers. These are: an Office container, a Lubrication container, a Workshop container and a Parts container. The dimensions of this workshop are 24 meters x 20 meters (LxW).

As an option, we can offer insulation of the workshop and other door solutions.

A 40 feet container with generator, changing room and storage room is placed outside, right next to the building.

All of our workshops and containers have work lights of high standards.


This workshop concept consist of following units:

20 ft office container

20 ft lubrication container

20 ft workshop contianer

20 ft parts container

40 ft Storage/Changing/Genset

2 Bay building